Schedule Time To Play GOLF

Schedule Time To Play GOLF

Do you struggle with getting things done or with focusing on a Goal?

Many years ago, when I was trying to figure out how to get more done in less time…

I realized I never ever have problems with playing golf.

Every time I decide to play golf, I would block four hours off, go play the game, come back, and it was done. Easy.

But when it came to anything else… there were always problems, distractions, missed deadlines, you name it.

So I spent some time thinking about it. And then, it dawned on me…

One of the easiest ways to eliminate distractions, and boost your productivity is…

Start scheduling time to play GOLF!

Of course, here, GOLF is an acronym. But it’s also an analogy…

Because as you’ll see in a moment, everything you do when you get ready to play golf, applies to how you can maximize productivity off the golf course just as well.


Let’s start with letter G…

G is for Goal.

When I go to play golf, I’ve made up my mind that that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve made my decision. And it’s to play golf.

Which means that while I’m playing golf I can’t go to the movies. I can’t go online. I can’t write an ad. In other words, I can’t do anything other than what I’ve decided I’m going to do. To play golf.


O is for Optimal environment.

A golf course is an optimal environment to play golf. It’s set up perfectly for the task. There’s 18 holes, you start on number one and go all the way through, till you reach number 18. The environment keeps you on track. And there are no other things competing for your attention.

Which brings me to the letter L…

L is for Limited distractions.

When you go play a game of golf… and you bring your iPhones, iPads, or anything other than your golf clubs with you… you’re defeating the purpose of the task. So your golf game will suffer.

Similarly, when you want to be productive in your business, you need to eliminate all of the triggers that can steal your attention. Things like your email, your phone, other people, your thoughts.

Luckily, an optimal environment helps you with that. But it’s up to you to make sure you don’t pollute it with anything that’s not helping you with your goal.

And last but not least…

F is for Fixed timeframe.

I know that when I make a decision to play golf, it’s going to be a four-and-a-half hour activity. From the time I leave my house, get my golf clubs, get on the course, play around, get to the last hole, get in the car and come back home… All of that takes at least four and a half hours. So I block it off in my calendar.

Equally, any other goal you set out to do, should have a fixed timeframe. That way, it’s easier for you to focus on only one goal at a time. And it makes it easier to schedule it in your calendar.

And there you have it. The perfect cure for low productivity…

Go schedule some time to play GOLF!

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