Success Through Alignment

Success Through Alignment

What is success?

What is it to be a successful business or to be a successful team member inside a business?

To be successful requires context and alignment.

Being successful at McDonalds or Walmart is different than being successful at Costco or Amazon. Success in every one of these contexts requires alignment with that company’s belief system.

Alignment of your philosophy, purpose, core values, processes and outcomes with those of the company you work with.

It’s NOT a question of “what to do”, it’s a question of “who to be”.

Most struggles between a company and a team member or between a company and a client come down to a conflict, a contradiction between your philosophy, purpose, values, processes and desired outcomes and theirs.

This is true of any relationship, business or personal.

Finding Alignment

When you decide to align “who to be” with the other party, the contradiction is eliminated and prosperity is the natural outcome for both.

It’s equally true when you become self aware and intentional that your “who to be” could not be aligned, ever.

Removing the misalignment can also be resolved by deciding who not to align with.

Most people and companies don’t or have not gotten clear of their philosophy, purpose, values, and desired outcomes.

Innovator has defined our intentional culture; our philosophy, our purpose, our values, our processes and our desired and expected outcomes that will result from being in alignment.

This helps us all become aligned as team members. We know who to hire, who to be our leaders, what work to pursue and even what clients to work with and which to never pursue.

If you are struggling with any relationship, personal or professional, you’ll find success by thinking about how you can align with the other party’s belief systems to find common ground.

Success for you and all of us will come not as a result of “what to do”, but deciding “who to be”.

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