Build Your Team​

You need to Build an Instinctive Team if you want revenue growth.

Amplifier X gives you a simple 7-step process that delivers Amplified Performance with Innovation in Action.

These 7 steps are:

The Action Instinct Process

Whenever possible, make things happen! Don’t wait for others to make the first move. Action is about motion. Do not wait until all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. All that you earn comes from doing, not thinking about doing. When you start doing something you get feedback from the world – your clients, customers, teammates – and soon, you discover if what you do creates value for them.

Count-on-Ability Hiring Process

Are you familiar with the expression, “batteries included?” People are like that… those with batteries included are alert to what’s going on around them, they’re curious and always want to learn more, they’re responsive to the situation and the people involved, and they’re resourceful about obtaining information, time, money, and creativity to solve e very challenge. This is who you want on your team. People you can “count on” and can tackle the job. People who have batteries included inspire confidence. People with batteries not included don’t.

Action Skills Workshop

Amplifier X “Action Skills Workshops” help companies and businesses uncover their unique sales process they already have. These processes usually lie hidden and undocumented within your business right now. 

These tools help individuals, teams and entire companies generate more leads, qualify more prospects and close more opportunities.

The Action Formula Workshop - Processes Simplified

Amplifier X will show you how to leverage the creative instincts of your team. A great team comes from having people who you trust, and surrounding yourself with people who have strong or unique abilities so that you can lean into your strengths.

The Entrepreneurial Partnership

Entrepreneurs like you are visionaries. You easily see where you want to take your businesses. Too often, that also makes you a reactionary as you face changing economics and environments. What you need is someone who can help you:

  • Evaluate
  • Eliminate
  • Delegate
  • Automate

Amplifier X helps you find the right person for this critical place on your team.

The Entrepreneurial Partnership

Discover Kolbe. It will help you uncover the sources of stress and strain within your team and identify the perfect people for each vital role. Amplifier X will help you reveal employees’ strengths and set each individual up to take advantage of their instinctive abilities.