The Positive Habit Formula

When it comes to implementing new habits to change and improve your quality of life, there are only 3 ways it can be done that will ensure success: 1. Have an epiphany 2. Change your environment 3. Change your habits (first in tiny ways) In this article, I’ll be sharing a formula you can use […]

Success Through Alignment

What is success? What is it to be a successful business or to be a successful team member inside a business? To be successful requires context and alignment. Being successful at McDonalds or Walmart is different than being successful at Costco or Amazon. Success in every one of these contexts requires alignment with that company’s […]

You Are What You Consume

Most of us have heard the saying “You are what you eat”. But the truth is “You are what you consume and who you surround yourself with”. What do you read, watch, and listen to? “Your input determines your outlook. Your outlook determines your output, and your output determines your future.” — Zig Ziglar Success […]

How To Become Your Highest Self

One of the great values that a coaching culture brings is the ability to transform yourself into something new and better by embracing the teaching and experience of whoever coaches you. In a coaching culture there are always two parties and two distinct roles: The Coach and the Coachee. The coach’s job is to teach, […]

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

There’s an old saying, “What got you here won’t keep you here.” The same is true for whatever got you to today, is not what will get you to tomorrow – the next level. Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach says, “What ever got you out of Egypt won’t get you to the promised land.” […]

Schedule Time To Play GOLF

Do you struggle with getting things done or with focusing on a Goal? Many years ago, when I was trying to figure out how to get more done in less time… I realized I never ever have problems with playing golf. Every time I decide to play golf, I would block four hours off, go […]

How To Easily Achieve What You Want

There is a psychological impact of your environment that affects your success and what you will achieve. The adage says: You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. We’ve all heard it before. Attitudes, Beliefs, Emotions, Habits, Success, Health are all heavily influenced by the circle of five environment. […]

The Value Of Commitment

What’s the difference between consensus and commitment ? Many people confuse a need to agree with an ability to commit and deliver. Often those who fail – know exactly what they are supposed to do but disagree, so they fail to commit and ultimately fail. Most companies who struggle do so because they or people […]

How Cross-Training Makes You Smarter

Cross training as it turns out makes you smarter, but only if you learn how it connects and relates to the other related areas Hebb’s law: Neurons that fire together wire together Jonathan Levi has dedicated his life to studying how humans learn. His recent book, “The Only Skill That Matters, uses a neuroscience-based approach […]

Fix Your Broken Windows

Have you heard of “The Broken Windows Theory”? This theory relates to leading indicators, safety, job performance, planning, equipment quality, customer satisfaction, company culture and ultimately a company’s success? It’s a sociology concept that showcases human behaviour. It was developed by sociologist Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist in 1969. He had two cars to spare […]