At Amplifier we operate on EOS and love working with other EOS companies. Part of our core focus is to help you BUILD STRONG TEAMS. One of the ways we do that is with our team of KOLBE certified advisors.

As an EOS company referred by your Implementor, we give you some extras you can’t get on the Kolbe website.

Extras you get with Amplifier:

  1. Kolbe A’s for your entire leadership team at 10% less than the web price (USD $50 instead of $55)
  2. After your implementor conducts your Kolbe introduction, we will give you:
    1. A Free 45-minute Kolbe A deep dive with your Visionary or Integrator
    2. One Free Kolbe A to A comparison Report
    3. One Free Coaching Report
  3. A Bonus Package Valued at $500 USD