Grow Your Revenue

All of us here at Amplifier X are beyond excited to be bringing you our newest podcast, where our hosts Don Cooper and Wyatt McPherson along with many guests along the way will explore all about the world of business, marketing, sales, and most importantly how you can begin to AMP up your business today.

Breakthrough DNA

This is the proven system that puts your voice into your marketing efforts.

Learn how to apply 8 Profit Activators to your business that give you breakthrough results.

Narrow Your Focus

Create Compelling Offers

Educate & Motivate Prospects

Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Make your Prospect’s “Dream Come True”

Become a Super Star at After-Sales Service

Nurture Lifetime Value

Orchestrate Client Referrals

Amplifier X and Breakthrough DNA help you build and effective marketing system with your unique voice.

The SOS Sales Solution

The SOS Sales Solution is Amplifier X’s power tool.

SOS stands for Strengths, Obstacles, Strategy.

Based on what the Amplifier X SOS Sales Solution teaches you, you can identify your strengths, cover all your obstacles and plan a strategy to neutralize or eliminate each one. When you follow this process, you will dramatically improve your win probability.

Download 'Breakthrough DNA - The Industrial Code'

Download 'The Industrial Sales Solution' by Don Cooper