Marketing Done For You. In Your Voice.

We do the work for you to create individually built marketing systems for your entrepreneurial business, because at our core we are all entrepreneurs here who absolutely love marketing and want to release the potential that a strong marketing program can have for most businesses. With Amplifier’s Marketing Done For You, you will..

• Have Social and Email Campaigns Built For You in Your Voice
• End Your First Campaign With a Library of At Least 20 Videos
• Be Handed a Fully Automated CRM and New Website
• Now be Able to Expand to Books, Podcasts, Paid Ads, and More All within Your Marketing Done For You Experience

Finding the Best Marketing Solutions for You Starts With Understanding You, Your Business, and Your Biggest Marketing Goals. We Want to Build You The Perfect Marketing Machine – Get in Touch Today.



You and your business deserve to be seen by your target market WAY more than you currently are. Don’t be scared of this realization, embrace it and be excited that you recognize your immense potential.



What is it that you’re going to do in order to either kick start or reinvigorate your marketing efforts and get your business directly in front of the people who your goal is to help most.



Your issues and desires deserve to be heard both by a group of people who care a lot about proper potential client outreach, and who really love marketing and have a passion for growing businesses.



It is very important to be able to work closely with who is creating your marketing machine. A deeper understanding for you and your business is a key aspect to a succesful marketing machine.



Being able to reach your specific single target market in a meaningful way with an easily repeatable process is one of the most powerful functions that you can add to your business.

What Exactly Can We Build For You?


We grow your visual content library and deliver messages in the most effective way possible.. straight from the voice of your business itself. You.

Produce Video Content


We zero in on your single target market and speak directly to them in your own voice. Attracting them to your website to further nurture them.

Run Social Media Campaigns


We utilize the most effective method for nurturing your prospects, through educating them on what your business does and how it can help them.

Run Direct Email Campaigns


We build you the most powerful backstage tool a company can have. A place to keep and track all prospects, leads, deals, forms, and automations.

Create an Automated CRM


Get a Brand New Website

Paid Ads

Run Paid Lead-Gen Ads Campaigns


Publish a Book For Yourself or Company


Create an Audio Podcast