Podcast Guest: Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

The Amplifier Podcast Guest: Dr. Patty Ann | Ep. 020 to 022 - Relationships in Business

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by Dr. Patty Ann Tublin for her first of three episodes with us, she is the author of ‘Money Can Buy You Happiness, and ‘Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run. Dr. Patty Ann is also the founder and CEO of Relationship Toolbox, and is someone who cares very deeply and knows a great deal about relationships and how they can severely impact your business and your life both for better and for worse. Which is exactly what she is on the show to talk about. Dr. Patty Ann will be with us for two more episodes after this one discussing how relationships impact business, how you can grow trust with clients, and what factors can play into strong team building.

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