The Amplifier Podcast Guest: Lee Benson | Ep. 030 to 032 – Culture and Performace

This week our host Don Cooper is joined by Lee Benson for three episodes with us. Lee is the founder and CEO of Execute to Win, a company that greatly prides itself on assisting businesses with improving their results in areas that matter with simple and sustainable changes to how teams approach work and in these episodes Don and Lee will be discussing the immense impact that having the proper leadership and employee conversations can have on your businesses growth, the role that coaching plays in all this, and how you can best nurture your company’s culture so that it can grow. It is a fantastic conversation so make sure you subscribe and check out our two other episodes with Lee.

New Amp Podcast Cover 3-01 Episode 1 with Lee Benson Episode 2 with Lee Benson Episode 3 with Lee Benson