The Amplifier Podcast

All of us here at Amplifier X are beyond excited to be bringing you our newest podcast, where our hosts Don Cooper and Wyatt McPherson along with many guests along the way will explore all about the world of business, marketing, sales, and most importantly how you can begin to AMP up your business today.

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Ep.001 - 004: The Industrial Sales Solution

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we have got a four episode series with founder of Amplifier, CEO of Innovator Industrial, and author of 'The Industrial Sales Solution' on to talk about that very book and the immense potential that it has to completely transform the way your industrial business sells.

Ep.014 - 016: Guest Dylan Schoonover

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by someone who really cares deeply for the employee experience and making their time extremely memorable, Dylan Schoonover. Dylan will be discussing what making memorable and meaningful experiences for your team's really means, how truly important it is, and how you can best get started with it.

Ep.005 - 007: Guest Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by author of Willpower Doesn't Work, Dr. Benjamin Hardy. He is on the show to discuss his newest book, Personality Isn't Permanent along with how exactly personality plays a massive role in everyone's business and how that impacts both personal and professional goals.

Ep.017 - 019: Guest Howard Getson

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by Howard Getson, the president and CEO of Captialogix and someone who has always had a passion for growing businesses and wealth through new technology. Howard is with us discussing the stages to growing a successful business, how to take it even further, and the people that you need to get there.

Ep.008 - 010: Guest Cameron Herold

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by author of Meetings Suck and The Miracle Morning, entrepreneur, and leader of The COO Aliance, Cameron Herold. Here to discuss what makes the best leaders, how to grow your people into them, and what the best ways are to build a strong bond a between a CEO and COO.

Ep.020 - 022: Guest Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, she is the author of 'Money Can Buy You Happiness, and 'Not Tonight Dear, I've Got a Business to Run. Dr. Patty Ann is also the founder and CEO of Relationship Toolbox, and is someone who knows a great deal about relationships and how they can impact your business both for better and for worse.

Ep.011 - 013: Guest Andre Norman

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by The Ambassador of Hope himself, the man that went from prisoner to professor a Harvard, Andre Norman. He is on the show to discuss how truly anyone can turn their life around, the racial issues that still greatly plague American society, and what we can all do to help.

Ep.023 - 025: Guest Susan Gilbert

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we are joined by Susan Gilbert. Susan is a best-selling author herself who loves to help entrepreneurs create foundational material in the form of major market books. She discusses business leaders achieving a higher purpose, why all entrepreneurs should write a book, and how all of this can help to elevate your business greatly.

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