The Amplifier Podcast

All of us here at Amplifier X are beyond excited to be bringing you our newest podcast, where our hosts Don Cooper and Wyatt McPherson along with many guests along the way will explore all about the world of business, marketing, sales, and most importantly how you can begin to AMP up your business today. Click below to start listening!

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Ep001 - An Intro to Amplifier: Starting a Business in a Pandemic

The first episode of the Amplifier Podcast! Get to know a bit more about our Hosts, Don Cooper and Wyatt McPherson, as well as what exactly Amplifier X is and why it was started at such an inopportune (or maybe perfect) time.

Ep002 - How Does Personality Play a Role in Business? | w\ Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Author of 'Willpower Doesn't Work' and top writer on Medium, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, is on the show this week to talk about his latest book, 'Personality Isn't Permanent'. Don and Wyatt also discuss how personality plays a role in building a business.

Ep003 - Is It Possible to Have Marketing Done For Me?

Don and Wyatt discuss the idea of having your marketing material built for you, though that isn't simply an idea anymore thanks so Amplifier Media. Find out how you can have your marketing done for you.

Ep004 - What's the Best Way to Build Better Teams? | w/ Eric Herrera of Kolbe Corp

The VP of Sales for Kolbe Corp, Eric Herrera, is on the show this week to discuss how Kolbe's programs can greatly assist you and your company in both hiring for new teams as well as optimizing your existing ones. These services are even offered by Amplifier, listen to find out more.

Ep005 - Is There a Smarter Way to Run My Business? | w/ Ted Bradshaw of EOS

EOS is 'The Entrepreneurial Operating System', a revolutionary way of running your company from a leadership level. Our guest, Ted Bradshaw, is a coach, speaker, and EOS implementer. He's on the show to discuss what it is he does when it comes to aiding businesses and how EOS can trasnform the way your company operates.

Ep006 - How Can I Transform My Industrial Sales? | w/ Don Cooper, Author of 'The Industrial Sales Solution'

Today on The Amplifier Podcast we have got a special episode for you where our usual co-host, Wyatt McPherson, interviews the founder of Amplifier, Don Cooper, about his latest book, The Industrial Sales Solution.

Ep007 - How Does Company Culture Impact My Business? | w/ Jason Korman of Gapingvoid

Jason from Gapingvoid is on the show today to discuss the founding and early days of his business as well as the culture-based foundation that it's built on and that he has brought to many companies (including ours) in order to aid them in building a strong company culture for themselves.


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Want to Start a Podcast the Easiest Way?

We here at Amplifier love podcasts. So much so we built a process for you to make one yourself. You simply do the fun part, host your show! Then let Amplifier do the rest. We take care of all aspects of crafting and publishing your show for you. Click below to view our available podcasting packages and find out more.