Project goals:

1. Develop a Kolbe profile for your entire sales team.
2. Develop a plan, accountability chart and Kolbe Rightfit profile for an ideal sales leader
3. Begin the process of developing and implementing some standard operating practices and
simplified processes for your sales team to follow
4. Work with me directly over 6 coaching sessions bi-weekly to execute on these goals and
develop your thinking and plans on sales further

Project Plans:

1. We will set up and invite all your team to complete their Kolbe A index. Included in this is both a finding debriefs first and then with each member of your team individually, should you wish that.
2. You and I will meet bi-weekly to review the process over the previous 2 week period, develop action plans for the following two weeks and work on teaching and coaching topics you wish to cover.
3. We will work together to develop the ideal accountability chart for a sales leader whose role would to be lead your sales efforts across both companies and to lead, manage, develop and coach your entire sales team. This accountability chart will then be used to prepare a Kolbe RightFit Hiring profile that will be used to measure ideal candidates against.
4. Finally, we will work toward a sales team collaborative approach to define your simple followed by all core processes for sales.