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In the ever-evolving industrial landscape, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Our books offer the latest research, best practices, and innovative strategies to help your business adapt to changing market dynamics, technology advancements, and regulatory requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned industrialist or just starting out, our guides will help you stay competitive and future-proof your operations.

Conquering the #1 Challenge in Industrial Sales

You have a process for every other part of your business, why not sales?

Technically focused businesses often struggle with sales because the people that run them are not “salespeople” by default.

This book solves that challenge with tools designed to give anyone the capability to start driving sales in less than 90 days.

It also teaches how to exponentially improve the value your business provides, making the sales process even easier for your team while ensuring you never have to compete on price again.

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Start Activating Profits in Your Industrial Business Today.

Every business has 3 unique parts that can be broken down into 8 “Profit Activators”.

These “Activators” are used to sift through every part of your business with a fine-toothed comb, identifying every area in detail that could be costing you clients.

You’ll learn about the 3 parts – the before, during, and after units, that each have their own specific strategies to maximizing client acquisition.

Once you’ve successfully applied the 8 Profit Activators to your business, you’ll join thousands of others who have applied these simple techniques that get clients EXCITED to work with you.

No more cold calling or client chasing.

You’ll have an auto-pilot operating system for making your client’s journey so painless – even enjoyable, that your own “cult” of fans will bring you more business than you’re currently equipped to handle.

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Coaching Your Team

The Power of Sales Coaching: A Leader’s GuideIn this enlightening guide, leaders are taken on a transformative journey from being overwhelmed “Chief Problem Solvers” to empowering sales coaches. The book delves deep into the pitfalls of leadership, such as the tendencies to rescue team members or take on too many tasks. With the introduction of the DEEDS coaching formula, readers are equipped with a structured approach to nurture and guide their teams effectively. The essence of sales is redefined, emphasizing not just numbers but understanding the intricate balance between opportunity creation and management. The book also sheds light on the potential dangers of relying solely on metrics, urging leaders to balance frequency with effectiveness. Through real-world examples and actionable insights, leaders are shown the power of observational coaching, ensuring continuous growth and success. Dive in to discover how to shift from task-driven leadership to people-driven coaching, unlocking the true potential of your team and achieving unparalleled sales success.

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